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        The following appeared in the Seibles Road Church of Christ bulletin, dated...


O. B. Porterfield

        It can no longer be said that these men are drifting from the Truth. They have hit it head on and have gone a long way to believing and teaching error.
        The following information documents statements made by some who are and have been invited to be speakers at the infamous Jubilee in Nashville.
        MY WORDS: THESE MEN ARE CONTINUALLY USED ALL AROUND THE COUNTRY. Some of these have been invited to congregations in our city and to our area (Montgomery, Alabama). Parents, youth ministers, elders, deacons and preachers continue to send and encourage young AND OLD people to hear the blasphemy these represent and preach.
        Please keep this information, warn others and encourage them to avoid these false teachers. .

        "And I really want you to get used to being with a lot of Christians, because in spite of what some of my brothers think, I think there's going to be a ton of folks that God's going to give grace and mercy to... I don't think...a small crowd...."
        Comment on John 17:20-21: "The text says believers -- those who say `Yes, Jesus is the Christ,' `Yes, He is divine,' `Yes, He is Lord'...Jesus asked that we should throw the calf rope around all of those who just believe in Him and pray and work for the unity of all believers...True commitment to Jesus will cause me to be out there rubbing shoulders with all believers...and causes me to work towards oneness with every believer in Jesus."
Jeff Walling, speech at Tulsa Soul-Winning Workshop on Unity; Jeff is scheduled to speak at Jubilee in 1994.

        He spoke of being from "the non-instrumental group of our fellowship...I don't go around the country preaching against instrumental music...."
Jeff Walling, speech at Ozark Christian College (a Christian Church school) at Joplin, MO, 1987. .

        "We do not contribute one whit to our salvation."
Rubel Shelly, Love Lines (Woodmont Hills bulletin, 10/31/90.

        "Under grace, you can only be justified by faith. Our salvation arises entirely and only from grace...not by one act of duty, not by one deed of obedience, not by one righteous thing we do. It is entirely of grace through faith."
        "A girl requesting baptism said, she didn't believe she could save herself by what she was doing. I said, `No, you can't.' The understanding of baptism that is biblical (baptism is an act of faith) is Paul's in Romans 6."
Rubel Shelly, "A Christian Antinomy" at the 1991 Jubilee, "Room at the Cross."

        "Jesus says, look, if you understand a court of law, just to get a divorce is to be guilty of adultery. Remember, adultery is not a sexual word. Fornication is the sexual word. The word adultery means covenant breaking. Adultery means disloyalty to pledges and covenants. So Jesus says don't get involved in divorce because divorce itself is adultery. Forget remarriage. Remarriage is not what makes it adultery. It's divorce that's covenant breaking."
        "Obeying laws doesn't put a person into the kingdom of God."
        "I'm not sure there is any sense in which the law of Moses is abrogated."
Rubel Shelly, sermon at Woodmont Hills Church of Christ on the Sermon on the Mount, 2/7/88.

        "I reject pattern theology... I am not looking for a pattern; I am looking for a person... Acts and the epistles have been core documents in our restoration project. I think this is a mistake... we do not need to start in Acts and the epistles. If we start in Acts and the epistles, we are copying a copy... We are not trying to reproduce the first century church... eccentricity, a foolish thing to do... the church has never existed... true church -- an arrogant claim... the one thing that will cut us off from God is to make that kind of arrogant claim."
Rubel Shelly, Missouri Street, West Memphis, AR, April 20-21, 1990. .

        "...We have so distorted this idea of headship and submission that we have created a pathological marriage model. We have equated and we have preached the idea of headship means power and control. I'm in charge, I'm primary, I'm the most important one in this family... Headship in New Testament times had nothing to do with power and control... I don't know if this will blow your mind or not but the more conservative the churches are the more incest you have in families."
Gayle Napier, David Lipscomb University Lectureship: Family of Families, panel discussion, 6/14/91. .

        "...Let's not limit the kingdom of God to the size of our brotherhood... this is what I heard... the only people that could go to heaven were in churches of Christ... I'm going to suggest to you not only is that not Biblical, but it is in fact a violation of the very restoration plea to which we are heirs...when I accept someone who has believed and repented and been born again of water and the Spirit that does not necessarily mean I endorse everything he says or does. And let me say this clearly, I have brothers and sisters in Christ who may be in churches where I couldn't worship... But if grace will cover moral error, why are we so afraid to let it cover doctrinal error?..."
Rick Atchley, sermon entitled "Don't Bother Your Brother" preached at Richland Hills Church of Christ, Ft. Worth, TX on 10/14/90. Rick is scheduled to speak at Jubilee in 1994. .

        "Max Lucado, Pulpit Minister, Oak Hills Church of Christ... will speak at St. John Neumann church (this is a Roman Catholic group), 7:00 p.m. Monday, Dec. 4th, `Getting to Know Jesus Personally'." -- San Antonio Express-News, Sat., Dec. 2, 1989. "Trinity Church Family Center... will feature guest speaker Max Lucado at 7:30 pm April 6..." Tulsa World. "CHRIST IN EASTER A Family Celebration of Holy Week by Charles Colson, Billy Graham, Max Lucado, Joni Eareckson Tado" book is a NavPress publication.
        "The Bible is a love letter as opposed to a blueprint... for me, for years, Christianity was a moral code. It is now becoming a love affair. For years there were rules and regulations, now it's a relationship." Tulsa World, 3/12/89.
Max Lucado, scheduled to speak at Jubilee in 1994. .

        "Churches of Christ are desperately in need of more boundary... we need to burst some conventional, convenient wineskin... Since Wineskin's purpose is to contribute to church renewal in Churches of Christ, we must begin with this basic Christian conviction: ultimately, renewal comes from the Spirit of God...renewal is coming; we cannot constrain it."
Mike Cope, co-editor of Wineskins, June 1992, p.3.

        "...We want to provide a well-aimed forum for church renewal among Churches of Christ. And true church renewal means... a fresh awareness of the power of the Holy Spirit."
Mike Cope, Wineskins, May 1992, p.4. .

        "We are thrilled to announce the addition of Marvin Phillips... as adjunct professor in our Masters Program." President Young, Kentucky Christian College (a Christian Church school), April 1986. "I don't take the Firm Foundation and the Gospel Advocate... I read Zig Zigler. Schuller is great. Peale is a personal friend..." When discussing the matter of not having Christian Church preachers on the Tulsa Workshop: "We'd have people who would not come to the Workshop any more if I had an instrumentalist on it."
Marvin Phillips, taped class sessions, Kentucky Christian College .

        "I really hesitate to do this on tape. Turn the tape off. I have preached and believed, I believe deeply that the New Testament teaches that salvation is a free gift of God, period. You are saved by grace alone... Now, Mother Teresa hasn't been baptized by immersion for the forgiveness of sins... But if you ask me what happens to the person who loves their God, and loves Jesus Christ, and hasn't seen it that way... when a person follows the will of God as far as they understand it, God accepts that person... The church that says if you only go to church of Christ stuff... that church is going to be down to nothing in the 1990's. Whether you like it or not that's the fact."
Randy Mayeux, sermon "The Church of the 90's Will Celebrate Genuine Diversity" delivered at Lubbock Civic Center, Oct 16-19, 1990, Jubilee speaker 1991.

        "I don't know about you but I hope Billy Graham gets some response when he preaches behind the Iron Curtain. I really do... And I will tell you personally, you feel free to disagree, I pray that God will bless the preaching of Billy Graham behind the Iron Curtain. I pray that unashamedly..." Refers to Billy Graham as "a believer in Christ who doesn't quite understand baptism the way we do."
Randy Mayeux, Lubbock sermon, 10/90.
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