December 1993,   Vol. 4,  No. 12      PDF version*
  They're On a "Journey Together" ... To Destruction! —O. B. Porterfield
  Another Attempt to Agree to Disagree — Terry Cole
  What Baptism in Florence, Alabama — Glenn Colley
  Enemies of the Cross — Melvin Elliott
  We Need to Change — Darrell Beard

     November 1993,   Vol. 4,  No. 11      PDF version*
  If You Need to Come, Do so Now — Ed Casteel
  Repentance — Garland Robinson
  Conviction or Convenience — Ken Burleson
  Are You a Child? — Brian Butler
  Guilt by Association — Dan Sikes
  Wanted: Preacher's Like the Prophets — Unknown

     October 1993,   Vol. 4,  No. 10      PDF version*
  The Right Attitude Toward False Doctrine and False Teachers — James Boyd
  Amen and Amen — Bill Graddy
  What are we Clapping For? — Steve Miller
  The Subtle Influence of False Teaching — Steve Gibson  
  Root, Hog or Die — Jim Waldron

     September 1993,   Vol. 4,  No. 9      PDF version*
  Who is Causing Division or Who is Out on a Limb? — Garland Robinson
  Peter was a "Proof-Text" Preacher — Johnny Polk, II
  Shucking Off the Debate Generation — Mac Deaver
  Another Grace Only Sermon — Charles Pledge  
  Lord, Please Don't Ever be Negative — Gary Colley

     August 1993,   Vol. 4,  No. 8      PDF version*
  Seek The Old Paths Lectureship Review — Garland Robinson
  Reflections on the "Seek The Old Paths" Bible Lectureship — Gilbert Gough
  Lectureship Reflections — Sidney White
  Digression is a Reality — Charles Pledge
  Is What One Congregation Does the Business of any Other Congregation
        of the Lord's People? — Charles Pledge
  Steps Toward Apostasy — James Boyd

     July 1993,   Vol. 4,  No. 7      PDF version*
  A Worthy and Wise Investment — Charles Pledge
  The New Dictionary — Tim Rice
  Ninety Eight Point Six and Other Degrees — Rod Rutherford
  Name Your Poison — Loran Gearhart
  Stop the Fighting! —  Jerry Manasco
  What Shall We Wear? — Brian Jones
  How to Restore Confidence — James Boyd
  Bibles for Russia — John Grubb

     June 1993,   Vol. 5,  No. 6      PDF version*
  The Devil's Devices — Paul Wilmoth
  Civil War in the Kingdom?  (Larry West teaching) — Bill Lockwood
  The Second Incarnation #4 — Charles Pledge

     May 1993,   Vol. 4,  No. 5      PDF version*
  Why Some Area Churches of Christ Cannot Support the 1993 Area Wide
         Coliseum Meeting in Corinth (Larry West speaker) — Garland Robinson
  Guilt by Association? (Bidding God's Speed to Error) — Garland Robinson
  A Conversation with Larry West — Johnny Robertson
  What is "The Crier" Crying? — Bill Lockwood
  The Ostrich Complex — Rod Rutherford

     April 1993,   Vol. 3,  No. 4      PDF version*
  Looking Beyond the Externals — Ben Vick, Jr.
  The Value of the Printed Page — Garland Robinson
  The Second Incarnation #3 — Charles Pledge
          The New Hermeneutic's Rules of Interpretation — Victor Eskew
  Shall we Study Denominationalism?  —  Holger Neubauer

     March 1993,   Vol. 4,  No. 3      PDF version*
  At Least the Gospel is Being Preached — Garland Robinson
  Brother Coats Calls Names — Wayne Coats
  The Second Incarnation #2 — Charles Pledge
  Worship or Entertainment?  — Wayne Price
  Does the Bible Allow Women to be Preachers? — Garland Robinson

     February 1993,   Vol. 4,  No. 2      PDF version*
  The Second Incarnation #1 — Charles Pledge
  Occasional Criticism — Garland Robinson
  The Bible, God's Word — Billy Bland
  Instant Christianity — Rod Rutherford
  "We Have Changed!" Is it True?  — Gary Colley
   Opposing Error!  — Sidney White
  Q&A: You Can't Change some People, so Why Don't you Stop Trying?  — Garland Robinson

     January 1993,   Vol. 4,  No. 1      PDF version*
  What is the Church All About? — Garland Robinson
  Church Discipline and Common Attitudes — Charles Pledge
  A Strange Philosophy Pervades the Land — Author Unknown
  When Did We Start Going to Denominations to Learn How to Build
        the Lord's Church or to Save Souls? — O. B. Porterfield
  They Said "We're All Sinners" — Bill Jackson