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       Posted 2/5/20
       February 2020,     Vol. 31,  No.2             PDF version
       In Vain do they Worship Me, Teaching for Doctrines the Commandments of Men — Stephen Atnip
       The Doctrine of Balaam #1 — Garland Robinson
       Eternal Life — Bill Boyd
       They Went Out from Us — Marvin Weir
       Jesus' First Recorded Bible Class — John Chowning
       Broken-Hearted because of Lost Souls — Roger Campbell
       Posted 1/9/20
       January 2020,     Vol. 31,  No.1             PDF version
       The Comforter “Parakletos” — Randy Kea
       The Unity Christ Demands #5 — Garland Robinson
       The LORD of Hosts is the King of Glory — Bill Boyd
       Four Thieves of the Crucifixion — Johnny Trail
       Pointing Fingers at Others — Roger Campbell