December, 1995,    Vol. 6,  No. 12       PDF version*
       Why I Left the "Church of God" Denomination — Charles Huff
       Herald of Truth Continues their Reign of Error! — Garland Robinson
       The World and it's Thinking — DuWayne McNaughton
       The Responsibility of the Elders to the Congregation, #1 — James Boyd

       November, 1995,    Vol. 6,  No. 11       PDF version*
       Why I Left the "Independent Christian Church," #2 — Dan Goddard
       Did Jesus Break the Law of Moses? — Robin Haley
       We are Under Law Today — Victor Eskew
       Mistakes of Elders — H. Leo Boles
       The "Postponement" Theory — Dan Sikes
       October, 1995,    Vol. 6,  No. 10       PDF version*
       Why I Left the "Independent Christian Church," #1 — Dan Goddard
       Solemnity of Worship — Gilbert Gough
       Cafeteria Religion — DuWayne McNaughton
       It Takes Two Crosses to get to Heaven — Rusty Stark
       How to Save the Church — unknown
       The Place of Elders — Jerry Joseph
       September, 1995,    Vol. 6,  No. 9       PDF version*
       Seek The Old Paths Lectureship, a Brief Review — Ed Casteel
       The Joke of the Century — Wayne Coats
       Review of the 10th Annual "Seek The Old Paths" Lectureship
                (The Church at Corinth) — Gilbert Gough
       Digression and Apostasy — Jerry Brewer
       A President's Seminar — Malcolm Hill
       Speaking the Truth in Love — Jimmie Hill
                   21 Reasons why Preachers Leave — Dan Bailey
       Elders are Responsible for Sound Doctrine  &mdash Shan Jackson

       August, 1995,    Vol. 6,  No. 8       PDF version*
       Small Group Worship, is there a Danger? — Dan Sikes
       A Brotherhood Problem (A Lack of Understanding how the Bible Authorizes) — Gilbert Gough
       When Should we Worship God? — Charles Leonard
       How to Get the Most out of Worship — Ed Casteel

       July, 1995,    Vol. 6,  No. 7       PDF version*
       Everywhere Spoken Against — Dan Goddard
       The Sinful Casual Attitude Toward Sin — Charles Pledge
       Unity — East Corinth Elders
       What are we Seeking, Union or Unity? — Brian Butler
       Just a Little Talk with Jesus — Douglas Hoff

       June, 1995,    Vol. 6,  No. 6       PDF version*
       Does Christ Authorize Open Fellowship? — Danny Butler
       Shall your Brethren go to War and Shall ye sit here? Will you be Faithful
               and Join the Battle? — Garland Robinson
       But They'll Get Mad! — Douglas Hoff
       Elder's Column (new addition) — Elders at East Corinth
       Half of Pentecost — Kerry Sword
       My Aim as a Preacher — Wesley Simons

       May, 1995,    Vol. 6,  No. 5       PDF version*
       Are Choirs Authorized? — Holger Neubauer
       What a Great Day! — John Polk, II
       How Shall we Refer to the Church? — Virgil Hale
       Uncertain Sounds in Bible Class — Victor Eskew
       Joe Vandyke's Warped Invitation — Daivd Hester
       Lectureship Schedule, 1995 (The Church at Corinth) —       

       April, 1995,    Vol. 6,  No. 4       PDF version*
       Trojan Horse in the Church — Alan Highers
       Better Safe than Sorry Religion — Noel Whitlock
       The "Plumbline", a new Journal — Wayne Coats
       Preaching and Drama — John Lewis
       Joy Abounds, but Cause for Concern Does Also — Roger Campbell
       Lectureship Schedule, 1995 (The Church at Corinth) —       

       March, 1995,    Vol. 6,  No. 3           PDF version*
       More Division Comes to Corinth (An Examination of some of the Teaching
                 of Larry West) — Garland Robinson
       What Does it Mean to be Sound? — Garland Robinson
       The "Gospel" According to Larry West (of West Monroe, Louisiana) — Ben Vick
       Larry West's Doctrine of the Resurrection — Garland Robinson

       February, 1995,    Vol. 6,  No. 2       PDF version*
       Questions Regarding Women Translators / Interpreters —          

       January, 1995,    Vol. 6,  No. 1       PDF version*
       Reviewing the "New International Version" #2 — Ben Vick
       Women Interpreter Questionnaire — Dean Crutchfield
       Q&A: A Letter Answered, #3 — Garland Robinson