Dec. 2001, Vol. 12, No. 12              PDF version
       Liberalism and its Fruit -- Frank Chesser
       The Spirit of Liberalism-- Garland Robinson

          Nov. 2001, Vol. 12, No. 11              PDF version
       Churches of Christ Disaster Relief -- Jon Gary Williams
       The Divided Assembly -- Rusty Stark
       Am I Become Your Enemy? -- Noah Hackworth
       A Love for the Truth -- Bob Spurlin
       Why Preachers Should use a lot of Scripture -- Douglass Hoff
       Would you Baptize a Couple that is in an Unscriptural Marriage? -- Mark Bass
       Jehoshaphat's Departure from God -- Marvin Weir

         Oct. 2001, Vol. 12, No. 10             PDF version
       Some Defenses of Denominationalism -- Roger Campbell
       I'm Weary of the Old Paths! -- Garland Robinson
       Is Contemporary Christians Music Scriptural? -- Adam Cozort
       Politically or Biblically Correct? -- Steven D. Cline
       The Muzzling of Sin -- Bob Spurlin
       The Value of Truth! -- Earl Gieseke
         Sept. 2001, Vol. 12, No. 9             PDF version
       Lads to Leaders, Inc. -- Mark Mosher
       Here and There -- Garland Robinson
       Why Do Churches of Christ Not Use Instrumental Music in Their Worship?
       -- Dan Goddard
         August 2001, Vol. 12, No. 8             PDF version
       Living in Audltery -- Rusty Stark
       Here and There -- Garland Robinson
       Should the Church Split? -- Bob Spurlin
       Oklahoma has a New King of National Champion -- Jerry Brewer
       None so Blind as those who will not See -- Marvin Weir
       Sabbath or Sunday? -- Robin Haley

         July 2001, Vol. 12, No. 7             PDF version
       Salvation, Family Dynamics Institute... -- Roger Campbell
       Today's Dreamers Verses God's Word -- Marvin Weir
       Looking Back on the New Unity Movement -- Dan Goddard
       The "Change Generation Asks: Is it Fun and Exciting?" -- Gary Colley
       In the News...
       16th Annual S.T.O.P. Lectureship

         June 2001, Vol. 12, No. 6             PDF version
       Hell Is Part Of The Good News Too! -- Rusty Stark
       Evil Trends in the Church Today -- Garland Robinson
       May One "Judge" Other Churches? -- Wayne Jackson
       Lessons Learned from my Friend Steve Fishel -- Richard Carlson
       The Move Toward and Away -- Brain Jones
       News Brief - Sad News -- Michael Heath
       16th Annual S.T.O.P. Lectureship

         May 2001, Vol. 12, No. 5             PDF version
       Bible Doctrine and Denominational Doctrine Contrasted -- Charles Box
       Gospel or Gimmicks -- Dan Goddard
       The Work of the Church #4, Evangelism -- Roger Campbell
       Dangerous Book -- Paul Holland
       Different Words Describe Church Leaders -- Douglas Hoff
       A Hiding Place -- Mike McDaniel
       16th Annual S.T.O.P. Lectureship

        April 2001, Vol. 12, No. 4             PDF version
       God Shall Send Them Strong Delusion -- Gary McDade
       Love The Truth More Than Men -- Garland M. Robinson
       "Uncertain Sounds" From Magnolia Youth Rally -- Johnny Burkhart
       Compromising Truth -- Terry Roberts
       The Work of the Church, #3 Edification -- Roger Campbell
       More Love for the Church -- Ed Casteel
       16th Annual S.T.O.P. Lectureship

         March 2001, Vol. 12, No. 3                PDF version
       Doctrine OF Christ or Doctrine ABOUT Christ?Raymond Hagood
       A Tribute to Doyle Gough-- Richard Guill
       Max Lucado's Book... -- Jody Apple
       If Your Brother Sins Against You -- Clarence Johnson
       The Work of the Church, #2 Benevolence -- Roger Campbell

         Feb. 2001, Vol. 12, No. 2                PDF version
       The Work of the Church, #1-- Roger Campbell
       Holding Fast the Form of Sound Words -- Garland M. Robinson
       Are There any False Teachers?-- Steven Deaton
       The "Treadmill of Trying Hard" is Good Exercise -- Rusty Stark
       "Christian Music Lights up Lipscomb -- Jim Waldron
       Hebrews 7:14 Teaches about the Silence of the Scriptures -- Dustin Forthun

         Jan. 2001, Vol. 12, No. 1                PDF version
       The Winterfest Corporation -- Jim Waldron
       Withdrawal of Fellowship -- Roger Campbell
       Denominations and Apostate Churches -- Steve Miller
       Truth Is Not For Sale -- Marvin Weir
       Pentecostalism in Wineskins -- Victor Eskew