December, 2009, Vol. 20, No. 12             PDF version
       The Early Years of Canonization — Victor Eskew
       Praying to Jesus & the Holy Spirit — Garland Robinson
       The Bible is the Complete Revelation of God’s Will — Roderick Ross
       What Does it mean to “Walk After the Spirit?” — Garland Robinson
       They Profess that they Know God, but in Works they Deny Him — Roger Campbell
       The Blessing of Being an Elder’s Wife — Dan Goddard
       How the Church Gets its Funds — Garland Robinson
       The Psalmist’s Love for God’s Word — Michael Light      

       November, 2009, Vol. 20, No. 11             PDF version
       Is there Salvation Outside the Church of Christ? — Matt Carver
       Can a Child of God be Lost? #4 — Garland Robinson
       There’s a Better Way to Say it — Roger Campbell
       What is “Binding & Loosing” — Garland Robinson
       Challenges Facing the Church Today — Gary McDade
       Lessons from Abraham’s Sacrifice of Isaac — Marvin Weir
       Do You Thank God at Meal Time? — Douglas Hoff      

       October, 2009, Vol. 20, No. 10             PDF version
       Great Attention Paid to Evil Men Dying — James E. Farley
       Can a Child of God be Lost? #3 — Garland Robinson
       “A Call to Arms” — Charles Blair
       Symbolism of Free Masonry — Glendon Cantrell, Sr.
       Not All Change is Bad! — Marlin Kilpatrick
       The Reality of Hell — Douglas Hoff
       Adminstrative Services & Benevolence — Bill Graddy      

       September, 2009, Vol. 20, No. 9             PDF version
       “Great Communion” — Rusty Stark
       Can a Child of God be Lost? #2 — Garland Robinson
       How does the Holy Spirit Witness Today? — Roger D. Campbell
       The Remedy for Failure in Christian Living — Marvin Weir
       The Gospel in Five Points — Marlin Kilpatrick
       Why does Terrorism Exist Today? — Garland M. Robinson      

       August, 2009, Vol. 20, No. 8             PDF version
       To Speak Thy Word with all Boldness — Matthew Carver
       Can a Child of God be Lost? #1 — Garland Robinson
       Who is in Authority in the Absence of Elders — Randy Kea
       The Unnecessary Death — Marlin Kilpatrick
       Is Evangelism Dying? — Lloyd Gale
       May Women Serve as Pastors? — Douglas Hoff
       Praying for those in Power — Wade Webster      

       July, 2009, Vol. 20, No. 7             PDF version
       The Church of Christ is NOT a Denomination — Chuck Northrop
       Denominations are Sinful #4 — Garland Robinson
       Boldly Proclaiming the Glorious Gospel of Christ — Marvin Weir
       What Does it mean to “Prove All Things” — Roger D. Campbell
       “By the Trickery of Men” — James E. Farley
       What is your Recommendation concerning Bible School? — Virgil L. Hale
       Are we Like the Jews? — John D. Cotham      

       June, 2009, Vol. 20, No. 6             PDF version
       A Reprobate Mind — Roderick L. Ross
       Denominations are Sinful #3 — Garland Robinson
       The Credit Crisis — Don Blackwell
       Do we Love the Lord More? — Wendell Winkler
       What shall it Profit a Man? — Roger Campbell
       Which Church did Jesus Love? — Marlin Kilpatrick
       Update on our New Printing Work — Garland Robinson      

       May, 2009, Vol. 20, No. 5             PDF version
       Excerpts from the Greatest Sermon ever Preached — Lloyd Gale
       Denominations are Sinful #2 — Garland Robinson
       A Faithful Minister — Richard Carlson
       God Wants his Preachers to Rebuke People — Roger Campbell
       Why is the Plan of Salvation Spread Throughout the New Testament? — Douglas Hoff
       Are We Like the Jews? — John Cotham
       A Personal Note and Request from the Editor — Garland Robinson      

       April, 2009, Vol. 20, No. 4             PDF version
       God Shall Send Them Strong Delusion — Gary McDade
       Denominations are Sinful #1 — Garland Robinson
       What does the Bible Teach about Armageddon? — Douglas Hoff
       Take Heed How Ye Build — Alan Adams
       Was Jesus Concerned about being Politically Correct? — Roger D. Campbell
       Faith Yes! But Not “Faith Only” — Michael Willey
       Entering the Ministry — Franklin Camp
       A Personal Note and Request from the Editor — Garland Robinson      

       March, 2009, Vol. 20, No. 3             PDF version
       What is the Gospel? — Sidney White
       How we Know the church of Christ is Right — Garland Robinson
       What is the church of Christ all About? — Roderick L. Ross
       Whose church is it Anyway? — Tom Wacaster
       When I have a Convenient Season, I Will... — Roger D. Campbell
       Does it Matter? — Marvin Weir
       I Stand Amazed — Dan Carter
       When the Lord Returns — Marlin Kilpatrick
       A Personal Note and Request from the Editor — Garland Robinson

       February, 2009, Vol. 20, No. 2             PDF version
       Windows of Opportunity — Elders East End Church of Christ
       A New Opportunity — Garland Robinson
       Effective Bible Study, An Urgent Need for Everyone — Wayne Jackson
       It is Written — Douglas Hoff
       Learned Religion — Marlin Kilpatrick

       January, 2009, Vol. 20, No. 1             PDF version
       What Could Denominationalism Never Do? — Roger D. Campbell
       Answering Questions on Salvation #5 — Garland Robinson
       Must we Personally go to False Teachers before Rebuking their Error? — Douglas Hoff
       The Mission of the Church — B. C. Goodpasture
       Baby Steps — Roger A. Scully

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