December, 2010,    Vol. 21,  No. 12             PDF version
       Safe & Reliable Transalations — Robert Taylor
       The Purpose of the Cross — Garland Robinson
       No Wonder Hearts are so Hard! — John Cotham
       Helping at Thanksgiving & Christmas — Charles Blair
       Duty of the church to the Preacher — James Boyd      

       November, 2010,    Vol. 21,  No. 11             PDF version
       Which Bible do we Use? — Robert Taylor
       Christmas: from Heaven or from Man? — Garland Robinson
       Where will this Congregation be Ten Years from Now? — Roger Campbell
       The Future of the Church — Marvin Weir
       Can a Christian Support a Denominational Church? — Larry Acuff
       Is Jeremiah 10:2-5 Speaking of a Christmas Tree? — Garland Robinson
       What Should we do on Christmas Day? — Garland Robinson      

       October, 2010,    Vol. 21,  No. 10             PDF version
       Establishing Biblical Authority — Bob Winton
       Man Says, God Says — Garland Robinson
       Church Membership — James Boyd
       Bible Authority — Garland Robinson
       It’s Not What He Said, It’s How He Said It — Jon McCormack
       The Need to Answer Error — Tom Wacaster
       Love, the Acid Test of Christianity — Marlin Kilpatrick
       Evidence from Anatomy —      

       September, 2010,    Vol. 21,  No. 9             PDF version
       Why I Believe in the Inspiration of the Bible — Roderick L. Ross
       Disobeying God — Garland Robinson
       His Theology is Different — Larry Acuff
       Only the Truth can Free One from Sin — Marvin Weir
       King David as a Father — Roger Campbell
       Do You Really want to Know the Truth? — Ivie Powell      

       August, 2010,    Vol. 21,  No. 8             PDF version
       Inescapable Things — Henry Simmons
       Dancing & Such Like — Garland Robinson
       God Wants His Preachers to Care About People — Roger Campbell
       The Work of Preachers — Tom House
       May the Sinner Pray for Salvation? — Matthew Carver      

       July, 2010,    Vol. 21,  No. 7             PDF version
       Lessons From Job’s Ordeal — Bob Winton
       Barren Nor Unfruitful in the Knowledge of God #3 — Garland Robinson
       The Work of Elders #2 — Ben Vick
       The Devil’s Faith and its Consequences — Marlin Kilpatrick
       The Challenge to Jesus’ Authority — Marvin Weir      

       June, 2010,    Vol. 21,  No. 6             PDF version
       The Bible Doctrine of Imputed Righteousness — Robert Taylor
       Barren Nor Unfruitful in the Knowledge of God #2 — Garland Robinson
       Progressive Sin and Its Consequences — Marlin Kilpatrick
       A Tribute to my Father, Richard Carlson — Adam Carlson
       The Work of Elders #1 — Ben Vick
       Five Things the Gospel of the Christ Cannot Do — Roger Campbell      

       May, 2010,    Vol. 21,  No. 5             PDF version
       What if Jesus were on Facebook? — Don Blackwell
       Barren Nor Unfruitful in the Knowledge of God" #1 — Garland Robinson
       Ignorance & Apathy Destroy the Church — Douglas Hoff
       What Happened to the Church in Laodicea? — Roger Campbell
       Put to Death — Garland Robinson
       Elders Column: The Work of Deacons — Victor Eskew
       Is the Lord’s Church Adrift? — Ivie Powell      

       April, 2010,    Vol. 21,  No. 4             PDF version
       Correction & Apology — Lloyd Gale
       To Whom Shall We God? — Roger Campbell
       The Prom, Dancing, and Sin — Garland Robinson
       Elders Column: What is the Work of Church Members? — Sidney White
       The All Powerful Gospel — Thomas Eaves
       The Way Home — Marvin Weir
       Rejecting the Counsel of God — G. F. Raines
       The Holy Bible is Not to be Changed — Roderick Ross      

       March, 2010,    Vol. 21,  No. 3             PDF version
       A Response to “Churchs of Christ Drop Isolationist View...” — Marlin Kilpatrick
       What Christians have the World Does Not — Garland Robinson
       Old Way Isn’t the Only Way — Lloyd Gale
       Preacheritis & Unpreacheritis — David Dalton
       The Purpose of Preaching —      

       February, 2010,    Vol. 21,  No. 2             PDF version
       Public Confession of Sins Versus the Sacrament of Penance — Victor M. Eskew
       The Right Hand & the Left Hand — Garland Robinson
       Law & Grace — Franklin Camp
       God’s Will & Man’s Salvation — John D. Cotham
       Placing Membership — James Dennison
       The Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God — Marvin Weir
       What Men Prefer — ....      

       January, 2010,    Vol. 21,  No. 1             PDF version
       The False Doctrine of Personal Preference — Lloyd Gale
       Maintain the Pattern — Garland Robinson
       Bake Sales, Yard Sales, & Raffles is a No, No! — Charlie Turner
       Paul’s Farewell to Timothy — Marlin Kilpatrick
       What do we Know about Hades? — Garland M. Robinson
       Five Things God does Not do — Roger D. Campbell
       Unpardonable Sin — G. K. Wallace