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       Posted 1/14/13
       December, 2012,    Vol. 23,  No. 12             PDF version
       Moral Decay in America is in High Gear — Jim Blankenship
       Why I am a Member of the Church of Christ — Garland Robinson
       Is Giving an Act of Worship? — Rusty Stark
       Like the Sadducees? — Jerry Joseph
       Pashur’s Problem — Marvin Weir
       We are Thinking about Changing Congregations — Roger Campbell

       Posted 11/27/12
       November, 2012,    Vol. 23,  No. 11             PDF version
       The Birth of Jesus: Fact and Fallacy — Roger Campbell
       You are in Need of Salvation — Garland Robinson
       Do You Care? — Garland Robinson
       Thanksgiving — Tom Wacaster
       Seeking the Lost — Ronnie Whittemore
       You Will Not be Saved — Jerry Joseph
       Why Hell Must Exist — Matthew Carver
       Up From the Grave He Arose — Douglas Hoff

       Posted 10/24/12
       October, 2012,    Vol. 23,  No. 10             PDF version
       Versus to Keep in Mind when we Vote — B. J. Clarke
       Pro-Choice IS Pro-Death — Garland Robinson
       God, Politics and the DNC — Garland Robinson
       Should a Christian Vote?— B. J. Clarke
       Ancient Israel and Modern America — Unknown

       Posted 9/14/12
       September, 2012,    Vol. 23,  No. 9             PDF version
       The Preservation of the Faith #2 — Leroy Brownlow (deceased)
       Sins of the Land — Garland Robinson
       “Christian” Schools — Garland Robinson
       Apollos Watered — Tom Wacaster
       The Lord Only did it Once — Roger Campbell
       Do Not Despair — Larry Acuff
       Christianity is a Taught Religion — Douglas Hoff

       August, 2012,    Vol. 23,  No. 8             PDF version
       The Preservation of the Faith #1 — Leroy Brownlow (deceased)
       The Need for an Eldership in Every Church — Garland Robinson
       Preach the Word! — Garland Robinson
       Have Colleges Compromised? — Lloyd Gale
       Hand-Clapping & Singing “ Happy Birthday” — Ivie Powell

       July, 2012,    Vol. 23,  No. 7             PDF version
       The Herald of What? — Lloyd Gale
       Duck Commander Sunday! — Garland Robinson
       Study to Show Thyself — Wayne Coats
       Should Ye Not Hear the Words which Jehovah Cried? — Marvin Weir
       Proof of Discipleship — Ronnie Whittemore
       Some Things I Know the Bible Teaches — Stephen Wiggins
       A Good Tune-Up — Joe Nichols

       June, 2012,    Vol. 23,  No. 6             PDF version
       An Abstract on the NIV — Wayne Coats
       What it Means to be Sound — Garland Robinson
       How Jesus Used the Word of God to Overcome Satan — Roger Campbell
       Brethren, We Better use Bible! — Ronnie Whittemore
       Lessons Learned from King Herod — Marvin Weir
       May, 2012,    Vol. 23,  No. 5             PDF version
       The Example of Ezra — Ronnie Whittemore
       Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage (How to Get Around God’s Law) — Garland Robinson
       Church Bulletins — Roger Campbell
       Preachers Like the Prophets — Unknown
       Why Know the Bible? — Frank Dunn
       Some Dangerous Nations Among Us — Darrell Beard
       That’s Just Your Interpretation — John Cotham      
       April, 2012,    Vol. 23,  No. 4             PDF version
       Modesty — Always Fashionable in God’s Eyes — Rusty Stark
       There Am I in the Midst of Them #2 — Garland Robinson
       Our One Hope — Larry Acuff
       Satan’s Insidious Attacks on the Church — Ivie Powell
       Do we Love the Lord More? — Bob Winton
       Things Precious to Christians — Marvin Weir
       Departures from Worship — James Lewis      

       March, 2012,    Vol. 23,  No. 3             PDF version
       Why are we Losing our Children? — James Boyd
       There Am I in the Midst of Them #1 — Garland Robinson
       Try, Prove, Test the Spirits — Stephen Wiggins      

       February, 2012,    Vol. 23,  No. 2             PDF version
       A Growing Omission in Modern Day Preaching...
              (Not Presenting the Gospel Plan of Salvation) — Robert Taylor
       The Lord’s Supper — Garland Robinson
       Don’t Take my Word for it — Lloyd Gale
       The Assembly — Jack Gray
       Seeking the Praise of Men — Roger Campbell
       Life after Death — Garland Robinson      

       January 2012,    Vol. 23,  No. 1             PDF version
       Why is There so Much Bittnerness? — Roger Campbell
       Lessons to Learn From Jonah — Garland Robinson
       Resposibilities Toward Elders #3 — Stephen Wiggins
       Teachers Needed to Help Bible Students Around the World — Ronald D. Gilbert