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       Posted 12/14/17
       December 2017,    Vol. 28,  No.12             PDF version
       Loss and Bereavement — Johnny Trail
       IF We Love the Lord, THEN... — Garland Robinson
       A Glimpse of the Early Church — Roger Campbell
       Shall we Put Christ Back in Christmas? — Ivie Powell
       The Lord's Supper — Earl Claud
       Religion Without Rules? — Brandon Baggett
       Change is the Battlecry — Tom Wacaster
       Lean Not to your Own Understanding — Rod Ross

       Posted 11/16/17
       November 2017,    Vol. 28,  No.11             PDF version
       Don’t Take My Word for it — Lloyd Gale
       If You Love Me — Garland Robinson
       Is Your Top Priority to Love God will all Your Being? — Marvin Weir
       Principles Learned from an Old and Young Prophet — Johnny Trail
       Love the Truth — Garland Robinson
       The “Youth” Approach to Preaching — Victor Eskew

       Posted 10/18/17
       October 2017,    Vol. 28,  No.10             PDF version
       Follow Me — Johnny Trail
       Who is Causing Division? — Garland Robinson
       Knowing the Lord — Roger Campbell
       The Five Spiritual States of Mankind — James Boyd
       Is the Church of our Lord Necessary? — Marvin Weir
       Rejecting the Heretick — Charles Blair
       Fellowship of the Unashamed — Alan Adams

       Posted 9/18/17
       September 2017,    Vol. 28,  No.9             PDF version
       But They Mocked — Denver Thomas
       Causing Trouble, Sowing Discord: God Condemns — Garland Robinson
       Christianity & Islam #8 — Other Doctrines — Adam Good
       Worthless Watchmen — Marvin Weir
       Praying the Scriptures — Rusty Stark

       Posted 8/7/17
       August 2017,    Vol. 28,  No.8             PDF version
       Progressivism is not Progress — Rusty Staark
       Commitment to the Lord — Garland Robinson
       O How Love I thy Law! — Bill Boyd
       Religious Symbols — Victor Eskew
       Prayer — Earl Claude

       Posted 7/12/17
       July 2017,    Vol. 28,  No.7             PDF version
       The Remarkable Spread of the Restoration and the Key to It’s Success — Jon Gary Williams
       God’s Inspired Word — Complete and Sufficient — Garland Robinson
       The Perils of Travel in Ancient Rome — Bill Boyd
       Christianity and Islam #7, WOMEN — Adam Good

       Posted 6/14/17
       June 2017,    Vol. 28,  No.6             PDF version
       Christianity and Islam #6, VIOLENCE — Adam Good
       Inspiration & Inerrancy According to ANDY WALKER — Garland Robinson
       The Bible and Only The Bible has The Answers — Marvin Weir
       A Plea for Unswerving Loyalty to the Bible — Robert R. Taylor, Jr.
       Postmodern Thought #6, PRAGMATISM — Victor Eskew

       Posted 5/13/17
       May 2017,    Vol. 28,  No.5             PDF version
       Is it a Matter of Faith or Opinion? — Vernon Joines
       Finding Grace to Help #3 — Garland Robinson
       Postmodern Thought #5, SECULARISM — Victor Eskew
       Christianity and Islam #5, PARADISE — Adam Good
       The Bible is Not Optional — Marvin Weir
       Wandering In and Out of Denominationalism — Larry Acuff

       Posted 4/14/17
       April 2017,    Vol. 28,  No.4             PDF version
       God, Sports, and Worldliness in the Church — Ivie Powell
       Finding Grace to Help #2 — Garland Robinson
       Christianity and Islam #4, DOCTRINE ABOUT JESUS — Adam Good
       The Reality of Death — Roger Campbell
       Postmodern Thinking #4, TOLERANCE — Victor Eskew
       The Judgment Day — Johnny Ramsey

       Posted 3/13/17
       March 2017,    Vol. 28,  No.3             PDF version
       What’s Wrong with the Church of Christ? — Denver Thomas
       Finding Grace to Help #1 — Garland Robinson
       Postmodern Thinking #3, TRUTH IS RELATIVE — Victor Eskew
       Christianity and Islam #3, PROPHETS — Adam Good
       Willfully Forsaking the Assemblies — Ivie Powell

       Posted 2/11/17
       February 2017,    Vol. 28,  No.2             PDF version
       I don’t Preach Doctrine — Roger Campbell
       Changing the Trend of Moral Digression #2 — Garland Robinson
       Facing Tragedy — Jerry Joseph
       Christianity and Islam #2, HOLY BOOKS — Adam Good
       Postmodern Thought #2, PLURALISM — Victor Eskew
       Antidote For Worry — Rod Rutherford

       Posted 1/10/17
       January 2017,    Vol. 28,  No.1             PDF version
       Christianity and Islam #1 — Adam Good
       Changing the Trend of Moral Digression — Garland Robinson
       Great Godly Women — Bill Boyd
       Postmodern Thought #1 — Victor Eskew
       Are You Ready for the Day of Judgment? — Ivie Powell
       Can One be “Done” with God’s Word? — Marvin Weir
       Wrong is Still Wrong and Right is Still Right — Roger Campbell