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       Posted 12/7/2021
       December 2021,  Vol. 32,  No.12             PDF version
       Blurring the Difference Between Right and Wrong — Marvin Weir
       The Gospel — Garland Robinson
       What Does God Expect of Me as a Christian? — Larry Growns
               Be Strong in the Grace that is IN Christ Jesus — Roger Campbell
       Defend or Pretend? — James Boyd
               The Psalm of the Astronomer — Bill Boyd
       Posted 11/1/2021
       November 2021,  Vol. 32,  No.11             PDF version
       What is Worship? — James Rogers
       Questions on Salvation #4 — Garland Robinson
       Tossed To and Fro — Gary Colley
               An Honest and Good Heart — Jason Hilburn
       Worship Pleasing to God — Denver Thomas
       Posted 11/1/2021
       October 2021,  Vol. 32,  No.10             PDF version
       Twenty Proofs for the Deity of Christ — Jason Hilburn
       Questions about Water Baptism — Garland Robinson
       Faithfulness Brings Victory — Alan Gauger
               Earth 101 — Roger Campbell
       The One You Marry Could Cost you Your Soul — Eddy Gilpin
       Gifts of the Holy Spirit — Curtis Graves
Posted 9/7/2021
September 2021,  Vol. 32,  No.9             PDF version
Resurrection Theories — Jon Gary Williams
Questions on Salvation #2 — Garland Robinson
Open Doors — Roger Campbell
        The Ten Commandments Never Saved Anyone — Eddy Gilpin
Was Jesus Perfect? — John Chowning
What will it take to Rise up and Stand in the Gap? — Marvin Weir
Witchcraft and Idolatry — Everett Spencer
Posted 8/4/2021
August 2021,  Vol. 32,  No.8             PDF version
A Critique of Critical Race Theory — John Chowning
Questions on Salvation #1 — Garland Robinson
The Churches of Christ Salute You — Ivie Powell
        The Psalm of the Conqueror — Bill Boyd
Liberal Congregations — Gary Colley
The Congregation of the Dead — Jason Patrick Hilburn
Posted 7/7/2021
July 2021,  Vol. 32,  No.7             PDF version
The Person Transformed by Christ — Charles Box
Church Attendance is Essential — Garland Robinson
Taking Time for the Lord’s Supper — Ron Gilbert
        The Lord’s Day — Marvin Weir
Calvinism — Jon Gary Williams
Ephesians 4:4 — One Body — Chad Dollahite
Posted 6/10/2021
June 2021,  Vol. 32,  No.6             PDF version
Things Associated with the Blood — Eddy Gilpin
Matthew 6:33 — Garland Robinson
Worship Pleasing to God — Denver Thomas
        Demons — Jon Gary Williams
Lessons from the Life of John Mark — Roger Campbell
The Supper with Jesus — Marvin Weir
Posted 5/14/2021
May 2021,  Vol. 32,  No.5             PDF version
Churches Displeased With God — Marvin Weir
The Scriptures Cannot be Ignored — Garland Robinson
How God Speaks to Man Today — Ivie Powell
        The Night Before the Crucifixion — Victor Eskew
Lessons From the Rich Young Ruler — Douglas Hoff
“He Saved Others; Himself He Cannot Save” — Roger D. Campbell
Posted 3/30/2021
April 2021,  Vol. 32,  No.4             PDF version
The Virgin Birth of Christ — James Boyd
Cancel Culture — Silencing God’s Word — Garland Robinson
Hand-Clapping in Worship — Ivie Powell
        Evaluating God’s Ministers using Righteous Judgment — John Chowning
The Design and End of Miracles — Bill Boyd
The Greatest Crime in America! — Garland Robinson
Posted 3/9/2021
March 2021,  Vol. 32,  No.3             PDF version
Distorted & Contrived Religious Terms #2 — Jon Gary Williams
Cancel Culture, Censorship, Thought Police — Garland Robinson
Show Time or Worship? — Ivie Powell

Posted 2/2/2021
February 2021,  Vol. 32,  No.2             PDF version
Distorted & Contrived Religious Terms #1 — Jon Gary Williams
Systemic Corruption #3 (LGBTQ) — Garland Robinson
God’s Message to LGBTQ & Those Who Support Them — Ivie Powell

Posted 1/1/2021
January 2021,  Vol. 32,  No.1             PDF version
Triumphs of the Cross — Marvin Weir
Systemic Corruption #2 (Immorality) — Garland Robinson
The Sin of Denominationalism — W. Curtis Porter
        The World is Lost
Stealing is Still Wrong — John Chowning
What is Wrong with the King James Bible? — Denver Thomas
What do you Remember about Abigail? — Roger Campbell
        Faithful Churches of Christ are Distinctive! — Ivie Powell