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               Posted 7/2/2024
               July 2024  Vol. 35,  No.7            PDF version
                        Let’s Re-write the Bible — Randy Kea
                        Many things Save Sinners, Prayer is Not one of them #2 — Garland Robinson
                        The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth — Johnny Trail
                        Love for the Truth — James Boyd
                        Does the Name Matter? Ben Bailey
               Posted 5/23/2024
               June 2024  Vol. 35,  No.6            PDF version
                        The So-called Sinner's Prayer — Randy Kea
                        Many things Save Sinners, Prayer is Not one of them #1 — Garland Robinson
                        The Plan of Salvation in the book of Acts CHART  
                        Did Christ Do All the Work on the Cross? — Jason Patrick Hilburn
                        Be Strong in the Lord — Gary McDade
                        If Bible Rules (Laws) are not Popular, Change Them Marvin Weir
                        Do We Offend? Denver Thomas
                        The Lord's Church has no Earthly Headquarters Jon Gary Williams
               Posted 5/2/2024
               May 2024  Vol. 35,  No.5            PDF version
                        The Wisdom of the World vs. The Wisdom of God — Roger Campbell
                        Departures from the Faith — James W. Boyd
                        Ignorance is Bliss Jason Patrick Hilburn
                        The Autonomy of the Local Church — Unknown
                        The church of Christ — Unknown
                        Dangers we Face Marvin Weir
                        Singing the Spiritual Blues Bill Boyd
                        When was the Bible Divided into Chapters & Verses? Jon Gary Williams
               Posted 4/2/2024
               April 2024  Vol. 35,  No.4            PDF version
                        Seventh Day Adventists & the Sabbath — 
                        The Sabbath — Garland Robinson
                        Lord of the Sabbath Bill Boyd
                        The Catholic Rosary — Jon Gary Williams
                        Seven Anti-Christs — Jim Waldron
                        Jesus’ Final Exam John Chowning
               Posted 3/5/2024
               March 2024  Vol. 35,  No.3            PDF version
                        Paul’s Dealing with False Teachers — James W. Boyd
                              (New Book by brother Boyd. Vol. 19 of “A Burning Fire” can be ordered on Amazon
                        Shall we Change Worship? — Garland Robinson
                        My Beagles and my Brethren Jeff Grimes
                        It Still Means what it Says — Marvin Weir
                        Divine Requirements of Self Control — Editor
               Posted 1/30/2024
               February 2024  Vol. 35,  No.2            PDF version
                        A Study of Biblical Wine — Jon Gary Williams
                        The Bible on Booze — The Holy Spirit
                        Did Jesus Sin when he Turned Water into Wine? Robert Oliver
                        Making a Difference in 2024 — Marvin Weir
                        Maybe You Don't Really Know God — Jason Patrick Hilburn
                        Holy Days — James Boyd
                        Lord, Help me to have a Spirit of Sacrifice — Roger Campbell
               Posted 1/8/2024
               January 2024  Vol. 35,  No.1            PDF version
                        Sometimes to Build Up You Must Tear Down — Marvin L. Weir
                        Financing the Work of the Church — Garland M. Robinson
                        Evolutionists Have No Answer Jon Gary Williams
                        Free-Will According to Calvinism — Tracy Dugger
                        Keeping the Church Strong — Jerry Joseph
                        Making Judgments of Others — James Boyd