Articles complied from back issues of “Seek The Old Paths”
and various other places.

Another great resource for study material can be found at International College of the Bible

       A. D. 70 Doctrine (Kingism) — Garland Robinson
       A. D. 70 Doctrine — Ted Clarke
       A. D. 70, Nichols-King Debate — Gus Nichols, Max R. King
       A. D. 70, Max Kingism — Robert R. Taylor, Jr.

       Why I Am No Longer a Pentecostal — Bill Davis
       Why I Changed Churches (Baptist) — Paul Murphy
       Why I Left the Christian Church -- Dan Goddard
       Why I Left the Church of God Denomination — Charles Huff
       Why I Left the Catholic Church — Dick Weber
       Why I Left the Mormon Church — Nathan Franson
       The Church of Christ is not a Denomination — Dan Goddard

      Gay, Homosexuality, Sodomy — Ronnie Whittemore
      Ebracing Sodom — Garland Robinson

      Music in the New Testament Church
      Instrumental Music in Worship is Sinful — 
      What Denominational Leaders have Said

      Islam: Danger! Beware! — Walter W. Pigg
      Islam — John Hall
      Christianity & Islam — Adam Good (22 pages)

Lads to Leaders / Leaderettes — Mark Mosher

Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage — Garland Robinson

Masonary and the Lord's Church

Premillennialism (Lectureship from 1989)

      Inspiration of the Bible — Rod Ross
      The process of Inspiration — Victor Eskew

       Review of Dangerous Versions (July 2018 — March 2019) — Randy Kea
              (NIV, KJV, ESV, NKJV, NASV, RSV)
       How We Got the Bible (Jan-June 2018) — Randy Kea
       Which Bible do we use? (Nov/2010) — Robert Taylor
       Safe and Reliable Translations (Dec/2010) — Robert Taylor
       ESV, English Standard Version — Randy Kea
       ESV, English Standard Version — Robert Taylor
       KJV, King James Version — Randy Kea
       NIV, New International Version — Randy Kea
       NIV, New International Version — Ben Vick
       NIV, Abstract on the NIV — Wayne Coats
       NIV, Can you really get to heaven following the NIV? — James Lewis
       NASV, Review of the New American Standard Version — Ben Vick, Jr.

Studies in the Life of Christ — R. C. Foster

     The Role of Women in the Church — Robert Taylor
     Women Preachers (Lauren King, 4th Ave C/C, Franklin, TN — Jan/2015 STOP


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