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       Posted 12/5/19
       December 2019,     Vol. 30,  No.12             PDF version
       Do Methodists Not Have a Bible? — Tommy Hicks
       The Unity Christ Demands #4 — Garland Robinson
       What in the World was Promised to Abraham? — Bill Boyd
       Calvinism — Jon Gary Williams
       “Be Ye Steadfast, Unmoveable, Always Abounding...” — Marvin Weir
       A Whole Lot More than we Personally Know — Roger Campbell
       Posted 10/31/19
       November 2019,     Vol. 30,  No.11             PDF version
       Four Basic Truths about God’s Plan for Unity — John Chowning
       The Unity Christ Demands #3 — Garland Robinson
       Who Hath Been His Counselor? — Roger Campbell
       The New Creature #2 — Bill Boyd
       “That Used to be a Church” — Mike Tincher
       Responsibility to the Eldership — James Boyd
       Sad, Mad, or Glad! — Jerry Joseph
       Posted 10/7/19
       October 2019,    Vol. 30,  No.10             PDF version
       Contending For The Faith — James Boyd
       The Unity Christ Demands #2 — Garland Robinson
       The Sin of Denominationalism — W. Curtis Porter
       The New Creature #1 — Bill Boyd
       Listen to Learn & Learn to Listen — Unknown
       Posted 9/9/19
       September 2019,    Vol. 30,  No.9             PDF version
       Isaiah’s New Earth — Bill Boyd
       The Unity Christ Demands #1 — Garland Robinson
       Locating God’s Children — Bill Jackson
       Living in Peace — Denver Thomas
       Gay Marriage: The Real Story — Johnny Trail
       The All Wise All Powerful God — Lloyd Gale
       Posted 8/07/19
       August 2019,    Vol. 30,  No.8             PDF version
       About the Apocrypha — Jon Gary Williams
       The Right Hand — Garland Robinson
       What Happens after we Meet the Lord in the Air? — Bill Boyd
       When the Pleas of God are Rejected — Marvin Weir
       Lucy and Other Proto-Humans — Johnny Trail
       The Church was Bought and Paid For by Jesus Christ —
       Remember Sodom & Gomorrah! — Ivie Powell
       Posted 7/11/19
       July 2019,    Vol. 30,  No.7             PDF version
       How to Pick a Preacher — Wayne Coats
       Liberalism Goes Beyond — Garland Robinson
       Let Not Your Heart be Troubled — Bill Boyd
       The Bones of Joseph — Roger Campbell
       Destroying the Book of God — Marvin Weir
       Posted 6/10/19
       June 2019,    Vol. 30,  No.6             PDF version
       Things About the Lord’s Church that Surprise People — Jon Gary Williams
       Liberals, Liberalism & The Word — Garland Robinson
       Are We Wrong to say they are Wrong? — Jason Hilburn
       Compassion — Johnny Trail
       Great is Your Reward in Heaven #2 — Bill Boyd
       Posted 5/1/19
       May 2019,    Vol. 30,  No.5             PDF version
       A Study of 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 — Bob Winton
       Liberals & Liberalism #2 — Garland Robinson
       Great is Your Reward in Heaven #1 — Bill Boyd
       Romans 8:19-23: Deliverance & Redemption #2 — Robert Taylor
       Beware of T-N-T — Jerry Joseph
       Developing Leadership in the Church — Roger Campbell
       Posted 4/10/19
       April 2019,    Vol. 30,  No.4             PDF version
       Romans 8:19-23: Deliverance & Redemption #1 — Robert Taylor
       Liberals & Liberalism — Garland Robinson
       Who Will Save Your Church? — Richard Latham
       When God Decides Enough is Enough — Roger Campbell
       Enmity Against God — Marvin Weir
       How Beautiful Heaven Must Be — Bill Boyd
       Jesus, the Despised Teacher — Douglas Hoff
               A Restoration Plea — Victor Eskew
       Posted 3/12/19
       March 2019,    Vol. 30,  No.3             PDF version
       Four Sobering Facts about Denominationalism — John Chowning
       Without Natural Affection (Guest Editorial) — Johnny Trail
       Faithfulness & Foolishness — Marvin Weir
       Broken-Hearted beause of Lost Souls — Roger Campbell
       The City of No More — Bill Boyd
       The Greatness of the Church of Christ — Jerry Joseph
       Dangers of Modern Versions #9 — Randy Kea
       Posted 2/12/19
       February 2019,    Vol. 30,  No.2             PDF version
       A Drastic Change in Evolutionary Thinking — Jon Gary Williams
       Standing for the Truth Makes Enemies — Garland Robinson
       Will the Earth Endure Forever? — Bill Boyd
       Dangers of Modern Translations #8 (Review) — Randy Kea
       The Bible: Reliable, Trustworthy, Accurate — Johnny Trail
       What Should we Do? How Should we Live? — Jerry Joseph
       Posted 1/15/19
       January 2019,    Vol. 30,  No.1             PDF version
       Troublemakers in the Church — Jerry Joseph
       Standing for the Truth — Garland Robinson
       Buy the Truth  — Robert Stapleton
       That Thou Mayest Live Long upon the Earth — Bill Boyd
       Dangers of Modern Versions #7 (REVISED STANDARD VERSION) — Randy Kea
       My God, My God, Why hast Thou Forsaken Me? — Victor Eskew
       Face to Face with the Enemy — Marvin Weir