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Updated: 12/18/02

        I need your help in keeping the data in this area current and accurate.
        This page is available to provide documented evidence of the false teaching of the erring and apostate. If you have quotes from a sermon tape, statements from a book or bulletin, etc. that will be helpful for others to have such information regarding false teachers, please forward that material to ME.  

Trouble in Great Britian
The Sons of Demas
Are things changing where you worship?
Buddy Bell
Gayle Napier
Joe Beam
Jubilee Speakers     (Gayle Napier, Jeff Walling, Marvin Phillips, Max Lucado, Mike Cope, Randy Mayeux, Rubel Shelly, Rick Atchley)
        More on the Jubilee
Larry West #1
Larry West
Max King (A.D. 70 Doctrine)
        A.D. 70 #1         #2         #3         #4         #5         #6
Max Lucado     #1     #2
Mike Cope
Sunset School of Preaching #1     #2     #3
Terry Rush

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