December 2005, Vol. 16, No. 12             PDF version
       Elders, Watch! — Roger Campbell
       Preparing Our Future Elders — Jeremy Morris
       The Churches of Christ a Distinctive Plea — Aaron M. M. Purvis
       The Most Inclusive Church in the World — Lloyd Gale
       Clapping of Hands — Rusty Stark

       November 2005, Vol. 16, No. 11             PDF version
       Fellowshipping Denominations — Charles Ivie
       God Ordained Worship — Garland Robinson
       The Kind of Person God Wants — James W. Boyd
       Preaching What the Lord "Lays on Your Heart" — Roger Campbell
       Repentance — John Cotham

       October 2005, Vol. 16, No. 10             PDF version
       In Worship, Does it Really Matter what we Sing? #151 Marlin Kilpatrick
       Can We Afford Biblical Ignorance? — James Boyd
       Why Teachers are Valuable —
       Calling on the Name of the Lord — Douglas Hoff
       Speaking the Truth in Love — James E. Farley
       Am I Become Your Enemy by Telling you the Truth? — Marvin Weir
       A Strong Pulpit —

       September 2005, Vol. 16, No. 9             PDF version
       The Church our Lord Built "Was Not" a Denomination — Dan Goddard
       More Disappointing News from Searcy Arkansas and Harding University — Garland Robinson
       They Believe Others more than those things Spoken by Paul — Steven Cline
       No "Right" Way — John Cotham
       Red Letter Bibles — Douglas Hoff
       Hurricane Relief —

       August 2005, Vol. 16, No. 8             PDF version
       How Can we Know? — Archie Duty
       Raising Funds for the Lord's Work — Roger D. Campbell
       Is There a Pattern? — Steven Haguewood
       Catfish Dinners, Yard Sales, Bingo, Etc. — Jim Lewis
       Adultery and "The Way" — Cade Somers
       Billy Graham's Last Sermon — Leland Reed

       July 2005, Vol. 16, No. 7             PDF version
       The Church and its Detractors — Wayne Jackson
       Good Things Happen when we Teach the Lost — Roger D. Campbell
       Bible Authority Must be Respected — Marvin Weir
       What Does it Mean to be "Issue Oriented?" — Tom Wacaster
       Hand Clapping in Worship — Ron Boatwright
       Paul & the Modern Preacher — Rusty Stark      

       June 2005, Vol. 16, No. 6             PDF version
       Misrepresentations of the Church — James W. Boyd
       Is it Scriptural to Identify People by Name? — Roger D. Campbell
       Be Not Conformed — Jimmie B. Hill
       Max Lucado's Storytelling — Marvin L. Weir
       Shall we Support Denominationalism? — John D. Cotham

       May 2005, Vol. 16, No. 5             PDF version
       The Silence of God — A. W. Dicus
       God's Power unto Salvation — Perry B. Cotham
       Dividing the Church — Roelf L. Fuffner
       Big Time — A Big Mistake — Rusty Stark

       April, 2005, Vol. 16, No. 4             PDF version
       Fellowship is the Issue! — Jack Simons
       Shall Your Brethren Go to War? — Garland Robinson
       Our Present Apostasy — Ron Boatwright
       A New Hymnal —
       Who was Philetus? — Freddie Clayton
       None So Blind as those Who will not See — Marvin Weir
       The Lord's Supper — John Cotham

       March, 2005, Vol. 16, No. 3             PDF version
       The Ways of a False Teacher — Roelf Ruffner
       Women in Public Worship — Garland Robinson
       Churches of Christ Disaster Relief, Inc. — Vernon Joines
       What is the Rapture? — V. Glenn McCoy

       February, 2005, Vol. 16, No. 2             PDF version
       Neither Give Place to the Devil — Wayne Coats
       Uphold the Plea — James W. Boyd
       To Whom are we Singing Praises? — Rusty Stark
       If the Holy Spirit Operated Directly on Mankind — Douglas Hoff
       The Lord's Church was not Established to... — Marvin Weir
       How Shall they Hear? Gospel Braodcasting Network — Rod Rutherford      

       January, 2005, Vol. 16, No. 1             PDF version
       Sins of Denominationalism — Dan Goddard
       Lessons from Malachi #2 — Garland Robinson
       The New Hermeneutic — John Cotham
       When Sodom Lived in Lot's Family — Neal Pollard
       Truth For The World — Rod Rutherford