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               Posted 12/5/2023
               December 2023,  Vol. 34,  No.12            PDF version

                        Blood in the Land of Promise — Bill Boyd
                        Fatalism (What Will Be, Will Be) — James Boyd
                        The Proper Explanation of John 3:16 Carl Cooper
                        The Great Commission Commands Water Baptism, Nor Prayer — Jason Patrick Hilburn
                        Some Facts about Christmas — Jon Gary Williams
                        Today's Israel and Prophecy — James Boyd
               Posted 10/31/2023
               November 2023,  Vol. 34,  No.11            PDF version

                        Israel is at War, AGAIN — Gary McDade
                        Rebaptized — Garland Robinson
                        The Horrors of Hell Tony Ward
                        Two Paths which Lead to Two Eternal Destinies — Roger Campbell
                        “It is Written” — John Chowning
                        The Truth about So-called “Safe Sin” — Marvin Weir
               Posted 10/4/2023
               October 2023,  Vol. 34,  No. 10             PDF version

                        Elijah at Mount Carmel — James W. Boyd
                        Hearken unto the Voice of the Lord — Garland Robinson
                        Joshua, From Youth until Death for Jehovah James Robers
                        How Old is the Earth? — Jon Gary Williams
               Posted 8/29/2023
               September 2023,  Vol. 34,  No.9             PDF version

                        20 Things to Understand about Romans 10:9-10 — Jason Hilburn
                        Saved by Works — Garland Robinson
                        Idols that Affect Man’s Service to God James Boyd
                        A Good Confession — Bill Boyd
               Posted 8/1/2023
               August 2023,  Vol. 34,  No.8             PDF version

                        The New Birth #3 — Perry B. Cotham
                        Baptism & the New Creature — Garland Robinson
                        The Hypocrisy of “Faith Only” Salvation Jason Patrick Hilburn
                        The Nature of Evil and its Remedy — Marvin Weir
                        The Church is Different — Franklin Camp
                        Exegesis of Ephesians 5:19 & Colossians 3:16 — W. D. Jeffcoat

               Posted 7/10/2023
               July 2023,  Vol. 34,  No.7             PDF version

                        The New Birth #2 — Perry B. Cotham
                        The Holy Spirit and Water Baptism — Garland Robinson
                        The Samaritan Woman: An Evangelism Model Scott Richards
                        Miraculous Gifts — 1 Corinthians Chapter Twelve — Jon Gary Williams
                        New Video from “International Bible Teaching Ministries” — Ron Gilbert

               Posted 6/1/2023
               June 2023,  Vol. 34,  No.6             PDF version

                        The New Birth — Perry B. Cotham
                        All the Conversions in the New Testament — Garland Robinson
                        Marriage Is... #2 Bill Boyd

               Posted 5/3/2023
               May 2023,  Vol. 34,  No.5             PDF version

                        Ten Ways to Resist Temptation — Jason Patrick Hilburn
                        Remember God Now — Garland Robinson
                        Marriage Is... #1 Bill Boyd
                        The Light that will Never Grow Dim — Marvin Weir
                        God’s Great Gospel — Roger Campbell
                        They Searched the Scriptures — Johnny Trail
                        The Origin of the Church — James Rogers
               Posted 4/7/2023
               April 2023,  Vol. 34,  No.4             PDF version

                        A Question for Atheists: “Is the Universe an Accident?” — Jon Gary Williams
                        Saints & Sinners — Garland Robinson
                        Marriage is NOT... #4 Bill Boyd
                        Ten Reasons why Christians DO NOT Attend Dances like the Prom — Jason Patrick Hilburn
                        (Dis) Respect of Marriage Act?! — Johnny O. Trail
                        “I Believe the Lord, But...” — Marvin Weir
                        Apathy is the Opposite of Faith — Tom Moore
               Posted 3/2/2023
               March 2023,  Vol. 34,  No.3             PDF version

                        When were the Books of the New Testament first known to be Inspired? — Jon Gary Williams
                        Atheism #3 — Garland Robinson
                        Marriage is NOT... #3 Bill Boyd
                        You better ask God first — Charles Box
                        Seven Anti-Christs — Jim Waldron
               Posted 1/31/2023
               February 2023,  Vol. 34,  No.2             PDF version

                        Transgenderism's Attack Upon Children — Johnny Trail
                        Atheism #2 — Garland Robinson
                        Marriage is NOT... #2 Bill Boyd
                        The Importance of a Christian Mother in the Home — Victor Eskew
                        Just Preach about Love — Jerry Joseph
                        Yes, God Can Use You — Roger Campbell

               Posted 1/8/2023
               January 2023,  Vol. 34,  No.1             PDF version

                        Evolution is Impossible — Tom House
                        Atheism #1 — Garland Robinson
                        Saved by Faith Carl O. Cooper
                        Marriage is NOT... #1 — Bill Boyd